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Grimly’s Blood Bath & Beyond

The Place seems pretty nice on the outside….but lurking below is a pit of doom and death…



Fighting Zombies at Grimly’s Blood Bath and Beyond

Combat, zombies and awesome people, what more could you want in your Second Life? Make sure to get over to Grimly’s Blood Bath and Beyond for some killer good times! The caves will blow you away, if you are brave enough to go down there. Choose your weapon of choice, get on the course and join other players in some deathly adventures. Driven by the Grim Combat System, you will feel what it is like to really go to battle with insane hungry zombies. Be part of the blood bath, if you dare!

SIM MAP LINK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mustang%20Bay/236/233/57


Check out a few short gifs to give yourself a taste:

Getting your Zombie Swagger on

Killing the Zombies

Women kick ass too

More here!

Eaten by Zombies

Entertainment in the caves